Selective Process


Vacancies will be filled in a continuous flow, to the maximum allowed by Advisor. The Master’s degree must be completed in two years. The selection will be made according to the results obtained in the selection process.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Degree in Veterinary Medicine or related subjects


Registrations, in a continuous flow, must be done at 536 Av. Conselheiro Nébias, 2nd floor –Santos – SP – Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Secretariat.

The candidate with special needs that fall under Decree No. 3.298, of December 20, 1999, will have the right to custom conditions to perform the test. To do this, at the time of registration the candidate must provide the necessary information for the service.

The candidate is responsible for all the information provided at the time of registration. The candidate must verify that the data is correct before completing the process. It implies knowledge and tacit acceptance of the conditions established by UNIMES in a public edict. The candidate cannot claim ignorance of it.

Public Announcements

Public Announcement 1/2017
Public Announcement 2/2017
Public Announcement 3/2017
Addition to the Public Announcement 3/2017

Pre-requisites for Registration

Degree in Veterinary Medicine or related subjects.
a) One (01) certified copy of the Graduate School History;
b) One (01) certified copy of the certificate of graduation (with stamp of recognition);
c) Authenticated copies of documents (check at the Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Secretariat);
d) One (01) copy of Proof of Residence;
e) Curriculum Vitae;
f) One (01) 3X4 color, recent photo;
g) Statement Letter.

Statement Letter Template

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Documents must be organized, without binding of the set, in the order described above (items “a” through “g”) in an envelope addressed to:

Universidade Metropolitana de Santos
Secretaria de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu
Programa de Mestrado Medicina Veterinária no Meio Ambiente Litorâneo
Av. Conselheiro Nébias, 536, 2º andar – Encruzilhada
CEP.: 11045-002
Santos – SP


Types of temporary visas most required for activities at UNIMES:
– VITEM TYPE I (cultural trips or study missions). Designed for researchers, visitors/congress participants, post-doctorate students, for example, and some fellowships from finding organs that may require specific visa;
– VITEM TYPE IV (for all kind of studies activities). Undergraduate and graduate students.
Other Brazilian visas and information are available on the website of Ministry of Justice of Brazil (
To conduct any academic activities at UNIMES, international students and visitors/researchers are required to hold temporary-staying documentation as prerequisite;
For short-term students enrolled in a one-month exchange, the VITEM type IV is also compulsory.
As soon as the applicants have received the Letter of Acceptance or the Letter of Invite sent by UNIMES via regular mail, visas should be requested in the Brazilian consulate offices in the applicants’ home country. The confirmation letter concerning the visit, or the mobility, is one of the compulsory documents for obtaining the visa.
ATTENTION: It is not possible turning a tourist visa into another category once the individual is already in Brazil. Please, make sure which visa is required for your mobility before leaving your home country.

National Foreigner Registration (RNE):
After delivered the documents and payment of the specified fee, a number related to the National Foreigner Registration (RNE) will be provided by the Federal Police and is valid as an identity document in Brazil, with which the foreigner may receive scholarships, open account banks, among others. It will be your identity in Brazil! After six months, the Federal Police will deliver you the official card. Meanwhile, the protocol given at the first moment will be considered valid.